Thursday, April 28, 2011

True came to visit. What a handsome and impressive dude.
I like this
And this
Here's a book I bound for a friend. Quick little project,
just some stained wood and leather i had lying around
left over from my super fun scrapbooking kit.
I have this (kinda)...
But I really want this (in a big window version)

Fred is the coolest mo-fo. We gussied up the truck bed
braces and stripped out the coil-over shocks. It was a day
of man-ness wielding plasma cutters and welders...BUILD!
Clarence got discovered on the Paramount backlot.
They used him in a shoot with that kid that
was in ET but then did a lot of drugs but then got her
shit back together but then did those crap-ass Charlies Angles
wrecks but now she's older and took her fake boobs out and
is doing really glamourous crap for Neiman Marcus. So anyway
she stood on the tailgate and now Clarence is sooo LA.

Cool old truck, check.
Cool old(ish) bikes, check.
Death trap wood truck bed, checkity check.
Annie stepped right thru said truck bed (all the way to
the ground) while we were loading the bikes.
Tears? Pfft...dolphins and unicorns cry, not Annie. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This is my friend Viktor from Sweden.
We worked on a shoot together, then we
drank beer and worked on bikes. He loved
Annies bike, so she let him sit on it to make
his friends jealous.
This is the new bike Viktor bought while he was here.
Apparently he has a mini bike posse back home. Rad.
And this is what Viktor did to his new bike so he
could get it back home. Riiiight. It's actually in my
back yard now. Crazy Swede.

A lot of our friends are getting puppies and having babies.
While that's super neat if you're into it, Annie and I are not.
Instead, we got ourselves a 1964 chevy truck, named it clarence
(so alabama wouldn't be lonely) and tore right into making it a road
worthy bike hauler. Annie spent hours giving Clarence a
thorough scrubbing. Fred cleared his busy schedule (thx Fred!)
to put some heat on the old springs and give it some drop.
More to come on this project...I'll keep ya posted.

Hey Chris look, I got a bulb for the headlight you gave me.
Thanks again. And I swear I'll even put it on the bike soon.
BTW, if you don't know Chris Collins you should, he's pretty cool.

See knuckles play hard. See knuckles crash hard in the sun.
I really wish he had been drooling, but it was just a
well placed puddle. knuckles, you are rad.